Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers

Course Length:
5 hours
Course Size:
Up to 18 participants per course
CPD Accreditation:
15 Continuing Education Units, including 1 CEU for Ethics
Aims and Objectives:
Participants will be able to perform the initial steps of cardiopulmonary resuscitation in victims of all ages, basic airway manoeuvres and rescue breathing with and without adjuncts. Candidates will be proficient in the use of bag-valve resuscitators and in the technique of automated external defibrillation. Participants will be able to demonstrate how to manage choking in conscious and unconscious adults, children and infants, and be aware of special considerations such as scene and rescuer safety, standard precautions, head, neck and spinal injuries and the recovery position.
Target Audience:
The Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers Course is open to any healthcare worker who has a voluntary or professional duty to respond to a cardiac or respiratory emergency.
Course Structure:
The Course is taught in a relaxed, video-based practice-while-watching interactive adult-learning environment. The focus is on active participation with ample opportunity to practice and apply these skills in simulated scenarios.
Assessment and Preparation:
The American Heart Association BLS for Healthcare Providers Manual will be supplied prior to Course participation. Each candidate will receive an American Heart Association BLS for Healthcare Providers Certificate upon successful completion of the Course.

The BLS for Healthcare Provider Course is a compulsory entry requirement for international advanced life support courses such as ACLS, PALS, ANLS, AMLS, as well as certain national post-graduate qualifications such as the Diploma in Primary Emergency Care (DipPEC) of the College of Emergency Medicine of South Africa.

Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support Provider

The Course is available to any healthcare professional who is registered as a Medical or Dental Practitioner, Intern, Junior Intern, Professional Nurse or Advanced Life Support Paramedic. Participants must be in possession of a valid AHA BLS for Healthcare Provider Certificate.

ACLS for Experienced Providers

The Course is designed for any healthcare professional who is in possession of a current American Heart Association ACLS Provider Certificate. It is ideal for EMS, Emergency Department and ICU staff, and particularly medical practitioners who regularly participate in resuscitation attempts.

Advanced Medical Life Support for Doctors

The Advanced Medical Life Support Course is particularly designed for medical practitioners who might be called upon to recognize and manage a patient with an acute or life-threatening medical emergency.

Emergency ECG and Pharmacology Course

The Course is designed for all healthcare professionals whose responsibilities require them to recognize and interpret life-threatening arrhythmias and ECG rhythms, and to provide initial emergency care and appropriate pharmacological interventions.

Advanced Neonatal Life Support Course

The Course is the evidence-based Neonatal Resuscitation Program designed by the American Academy of Pediatrics in association with the American Heart Association for healthcare professionals whose responsibilities may require them to manage or participate in the resuscitation of a newborn.